Morse Code Frequently Asked Questions

Can you tell me what [insert some text or sound file here] means?
No, sorry. I don't know Morse code. You might like to try the audio decoder to see if it can understand your sound file though.
Can I see the source code?
The Javascript library supporting the software on this site can be found on Github.
How can I save the sound files on my computer to play again later?
Just press the download button and you will download the sound as a WAV file. In desktop Safari you need to hold down the Option key when you click the button and then save the file with the ".wav" file extension. Note, this does not work in Internet Explorer.
How long have you been interested in ham radio?
Don't take this the wrong way, but I have no particular interest in ham radio as such and I do not even know Morse code myself! I am happy to provide useful tool to others though as I find the technologies behind the tools interesting to learn and experiment with.
I love your web site and all this morse code stuff. Can I give you lots of money?
Unfortunately this isn't really a frequently asked question! If you would really like to show your appreciation then send a postcard to my address! You can also use the button below: